• Our story started when Founder Marvyn Smith looked at the world around him in June 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown and civil unrest movements. Communities regardless of ethnicity, heritage, employment background and social position in society all united for a common cause.

  • Marvyn identified the unconscious biases that affected the wider community where he was prejudiced and discriminated against, despite being professionally qualified and experienced. Marvyn wanted to make a difference and create a positive light in the world by creating something unique that could leave a legacy.

  • Atmen was founded in July 2020 by like-minded Individuals while the world struggled with adapting to the ‘new normal’. Atmen translates to “To Breathe” in German. It is apparent that the act of breathing restricted life either with the Covid-19 virus or with systemic institutional biases in society.

  • With Covid-19, lockdown and global unrest in mind, Marvyn and the Other Co-Founders of Atmen want Atmen to be inclusive, diverse and remarkable from its inception

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