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Delivery address
Block lost or damaged card

When you open an account in Atmen and go to the web page for the first time, you will see an option to order the physical card on the main page:

Once you click the order button, you will need to confirm the delivery address:

Then you can choose how to pay at the checkout page:

You can also use your Atmen virtual card to purchase the physical card.


You can easily replace your card if it got damaged, lost, or expired.

To do so, please open your Atmen app or web, and click the plastic card widget:

From your card's menu go to the "Reorder card" setting:

And there you can order the replacement:

Where the card will be sent?

Replacement Cards will be posted to the most recent Account address registered by you. Failure to provide the correct address will result in a Card Replacement Fee.

We will call you the day before delivery. To get the card you will need a passport.

Lost or damaged card

In case you've lost or damaged your card, please freeze it in your card's menu:

To learn more about fees please check this helpguide.

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