If you're in a corporate location, the local proxy may be causing you to experience problems connecting to Atomic.

The solution is to forward the following information to your system administrator, and they should be able ensure your access to Atomic is unaffected.

Information for system administrators 

 To ensure access to Atomic functions correctly the following URLs will need to be whitelisted:

Websockets from app.atomic.io:

  • wss://*.intercom.io
  • wss://ws.pusherapp.com
  • wss://*.atomic.io (future use, not currently used)

For stricter rulings of incoming requests, the Atomic CSP policy for connect-src is as follows:

"s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com assets.atomic.io wss://ws.pusherapp.com *.pusher.com *.intercom.io *.intercomcdn.com wss://*.intercom.io s3.amazonaws.com *.segment.io

Note: Most of the above URLs are making simple XMLHttpRequests.

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