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Receiving Guidelines
Receiving Guidelines

Atomix receiving guidelines and shipment guide

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This article outlines the receiving guidelines for shipments sent to Atomix. It includes information on how to properly label shipments, requirements for packaging, and the importance of providing accurate shipment details.

We encourage you to review these receiving guidelines with your manufacturers to ensure compliance and avoid any delays in the receiving process.

Table of Contents:

1. Timeline for Receiving

What dictates the timeline of a receiving shipment? How long does it take?

Our receiving timeline depends on the condition of the shipment that arrives at our dock. We strive to make receiving fast, accurate, and easy for our clients and for our team.

A shipment that is correctly input into the Atomix App, correctly labeled by the manufacturer, and arrives intact takes approximately five business days to receive.

If a shipment is NOT put into the platform 5 DAYS before arrival, the shipment will take an EXTRA 10 to 15 DAYS to receive.

Can I expedite my shipment?

Atomix offers the option to expedite a shipment at an additional charge, on a case-by-case basis. The shipment MUST arrive by noon in full the previous day to qualify for next day expediting.

Next Day


2nd Day


3rd Day


4th Day


What causes delays in receiving?

Atomix cannot receive your shipment until we have received all the inventory and information relevant to the receiving shipment. Failing to provide this information is the number one reason for delay.

For Atomix to correctly inbound your inventory, Atomix must have all data necessary (boxes and inventory labeled correctly, and warehouse shipment submitted.) Atomix must also receive all the inventory from a shipment before the receiving process begins.

How does missing information impact the cost and speed of receiving?

Please see the table below to learn about how the information you provide for a shipment can impact its receiving timeline.

Missing Information

Days Added to Timeline

Additional Cost

Shipment arrives with no receiving created in our app at least 5 days prior to arrival

10-15 business days added to timeline

$10/Pallet/Day that no receiving was made within the 5 day window prior to arrival

Shipment arrives with no receiving created in our App

10-15 business days added to timeline

$10/Pallet/Day that no receiving was made after it's arrival

The PO# is listed as N/A, the value 0, or missing altogether.

5 business days added to timeline

No additional cost

The PO# is missing from the pallets/boxes in the shipment.

2 business days added to timeline

No additional cost

The shipment information is missing either pallet number or carton number, cartons are mislabeled, lacking SKU(s)/Quantity/Company Name, are not in English, or otherwise require re-labeling

10-15 business days added to timeline

$100/Pallet or $15/Box + $60/Hour for Atomix to re-label and sort.

The shipment is larger than 15 pallets, is a truckload, or a container

2 business days added to timeline

No additional cost

Shipment arrives in two parts, or one later than the other.

Each part of a shipment requires 5 days for processing, which begins when it arrives at Atomix

No additional cost

The inventory in the shipment requires barcodes

2+ (depending on the number of SKUs that need barcodes)

No penalty fee, only the usual cost of barcoding items, $0.2 per barcode, and $60 per hour.

The inventory is not packed according to our guidelines (ex: loose items in box, case packs not labeled properly)

Minimum 2 days extra, with more time depending on condition of shipment

$60 per hour to re-organize and break down the shipment so that it can be received

2. Receiving Requirements

We want to make it as easy as possible for you (and for us!) to get your inventory on the shelves, and then out the door. Please review the following receiving requirements carefully, and ask your account manager if you have any questions.

Where should I send my inventory?

Kindly forward your inventory to the address mentioned below, either to our Milwaukee, Wisconsin or our newly established Salt Lake City facility in Utah. However, if you choose to send it to our Salt Lake City facility, please note that we will only be accepting shipments from April 15th, 2024, onwards.

Milwaukee, WI Address:

Atomix Logistics / [Your Company Name]

Receiving Department
5235 S International Drive
Cudahy, WI, 53110

Contact Atomix: 414-234-3930 (ext. 3)

Salt Lake City, UT Address:

Atomix Logistics / [Your Company Name]

Receiving Department

6650 N Frontage Rd,
West Valley City, UT 84128

When can my inventory arrive?

We receive inventory between 9am and 3pm M-F.

Please Note: No Lift Gate Access - Special Request Only.

What should go in each box?

Each SKU must be packaged in its own packaging. Each box should have one SKU.

Important Note:

  • Do not change a SKU in Shopify once you have entered it into the Atomix App.

  • Do not duplicate a SKU in your Shopify once you have entered it into the Atomix App.

How should I have my manufacturer label my boxes?

The following information is required to be printed on each box. These fields are mandatory. Failure to provide this information will delay your shipment and may incur penalty fees.

I'd like to send a box with multiple SKUs, can I do that?

Atomix understands that not all shipments are exactly the same. If you cannot send one SKU per box, please reach out to your account manager to receive approval for an alternative packaging method.

If approved, each box must be explicitly and clearly labeled with the SKUs, which are clearly labeled and packaged together, the number of boxes per SKU, and the number of items in the respective box. This information is required in addition to the mandatory fields above.

SKUs cannot be loose or tucked into boxes. SKUs MUST be packaged, labeled, and documented.

I'd like to include some packaging with my shipment, how do I let you know?

Please make an inventory SKU for each packaging type and add those to the receiving shipment. If you'd like to send ONLY packaging, please create inventory SKUs for the packaging, and create a receiving in the app for that shipment. Receiving requirements apply to all packaging shipments.

For ULINE packaging shipments, please adhere to our receiving guidelines for inventory. The packaging SKU when created in inventory MUST match the SKU of the ULINE product in the receiving shipment. The name of your business/brand MUST be clearly documented in the ULINE paperwork and on the shipment itself.

Do my items need to be barcoded?

Yes, all inventory must be barcoded. Barcodes (UPCs) are the backbone of our verification and inventory management strategy. If inventory is not barcoded, we can provide a stickering service of barcodes for $0.25/sticker, at a rate of $60 per hour. Sending items without barcodes, even if Atomix is notified in advance, will add time to the receipt of your shipment.

What are your volume and weight restrictions?

Unless explicitly discussed with your account manager, a single pallet cannot exceed 60'' (inches) in Height (Standard Pallet Dimensions are 40''x48''x60'') and cannot exceed 2,800 pounds.

3. Box and Pallet Packaging Visual Guide

4. Penalties

The Atomix Team will only be able to receive inventory if a Warehouse Shipment is submitted through the Atomix platform. The Warehouse Shipment is required so that we are able to properly inbound your inventory within 5 days of receiving it.

Failure to comply with these requirements leaves you subject to additional special project fees, barcode fees and delays, the value of which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If the Warehouse Shipment is not correctly entered in the system 5 Business Days prior to arriving at the Atomix Facility, Receiving Delays will occur until the Shipment is properly inputted to the platform.

Note: During the Onboarding Process, the Atomix team will walk you through each step. Please reach out to your Account Manager with any questions!

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