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How many answer options can each question have?
How many answer options can each question have?

Learn about our answer cap on single choice, multiple choice, grid and ranked questions.

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We allow for 50 answer options on most question types; single choice, multiple choice, and ranked questions. Within a grid question, only 10 subjects may be used, whilst 50 answers can be used.

When designing your survey, it is worth considering that our survey interface is built around respondents who take surveys on their mobile devices. Respondents will be shown all answer options, however for long lists will need to scroll to see more. We’ve have introduced a smart banner which displays when there are answers which they need to scroll to see, to make this more obvious for respondents.

We always recommend taking caution with what is an appropriate answer list for respondents. Large answer lists can lead to poorer quality in the data, so we recommend a short list of up to 10 answer options for most questions. This applies to all question types that have answer options: single and multiple choice, ranking and grid questions (excluding grid subjects). Find out more about answer caps on open text questions here.

The NPS question type has a set 11-point scale (0 to 10). However, it shouldn’t be used to ask any question other than NPS, as the results are automatically presented using a behind-the-scenes NPS calculation. You should instead use a single choice question to set a (up to 10-point) scale.

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