Open text questions can be a great addition to your survey. You can use them to allow respondents to elaborate or expand on their closed answers or to ensure that you are not limiting your responses to a certain question to a fixed number of options.

The analysis of open text questions however can also be more resource intensive. Translating the many responses into actionable data and incorporate them into reports can take some skill and time. That's why in the results dashboard, we've added a number of features to open text questions that will make it easier for you to quickly analyse and interpret the data.

Create a Word cloud

Word clouds are a great way to visualize text data and get a bird’s eye view of keywords and trends. A word cloud shows a cluster of words, with the size of the word indicating how often this word has been mentioned in your responses. You easily generate a Word cloud in your results dashboard by going to the detail view of an open text results card and clicking on "Word cloud". This will automatically generate a Word cloud for all your open text responses. Stop words such as the, a, in will automatically be filtered out improve the quality of your Word cloud. You can also choose to print or download your Word cloud and save it as an image.

Grouped Responses

Another way to quickly get a feeling for which themes are recurring in your open text questions, is by looking at grouped respondents. When you click on your open text question, you'll see that you can choose between "All responses" and "Grouped responses". Using grouped responses makes it easier to see how often a word or brand has been mentioned, by combining responses together that belong in the same group. E.g. the same brand but spelled in a different way, or with lower or upper case.

Searching in responses

If you want to search for a specific keyword or phrase, you can simply do this by clicking on the question title, and typing in the search bar that appears. As you search, a counter will appear, quickly showing how many results match your query. The search bar will recognise any spelling mistakes, so you can be sure you’ve captured all the results you want to analyse.

Show only selected responses

You can select any answers from your open text answers. This can be really handy when you are searching for specific key words as you can hit Select all to highlight all the answers containing the search term. You can even then re-search for another term, hit Select all again and add those other answers to the total search set. If you then exit the search bar and turn on View selected only you will only see the answers that you searched for.

This feature will help you to focus on responses that are relevant. Thanks to our answer filtering, selecting open text answers will update the answers to other questions to reflect the respondents you have selected.

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