Setting up your custom quotas
Find out how to set up bespoke quotas for your demographic targeting
Written by Bel Romasanta
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Definition of Quotas -  a percentage, set on demographic targets, that limits how many respondents from each selected group can answer a survey.

Read more about what quotas are and how to use them in consumer research in this blog post.


Once you have completed your survey draft, you can then select who to target on the next page, called Audience. 

Here you have the option to select a preset target group (e.g. UK Millennials, UK Working Age NatRep, etc, if applicable for your country) or to create your own sample from scratch and fill it with the consumers that matter most to your brand. To create your own sample click the Custom audience for [country] button.

When creating a sample from scratch, pick your demographic filters from the left hand menu, then as many sub-filters within that as you'd like. We normally recommend picking a maximum of five demographic filters to keep the survey filling as efficiently as possible.

Once you have selected your targeting, if you choose to you can also set quotas for any of the demographic filters you selected. Toggle the quotas box on and you can choose to input a figure or click Distribute Evenly for the system to calculate an even split for you.

The quotas will be highlighted in red if they don’t add up to 100%. 

Any targeting you add will be reflected on the right side of the screen, together with the quotas you’ve inputted. 

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