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Setting up your demographic quotas

Find out how to set up bespoke quotas for your demographic targeting

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A Quota is a percentage, set on demographic or qualifying answers, that limits how many respondents from each selected group can answer a survey. This can be helpful if you have a specific target audience in mind and you want to ensure that you have the right respondents. If you want to learn more about what quotas are and how to use them in consumer research you can read this blog post.

How to set demographic quotas

You can choose to set demographic quotas or answer quotas. In this article we will explain how you set demographic quotas, you can learn more about answer quotas in this article.

Once you have completed your survey draft, you can select who to target on the next page, called Audience. 

Here you will have the option to send your survey to targeted respondents or to your own respondents. You will only be able to set demographic quotas when you send your survey to targeted respondents.

When you click on Add audience you can choose between creating a new audience from scratch or selecting one of the preset audiences (e.g. UK Millennials, UK Working Age NatRep).

When creating a sample from scratch, pick your country and language first. You can add additional demographic filters and further customize your audience by clicking on Add targeting.

You can choose from multiple demographic filters such as age, gender, household income etc. We normally recommend picking a maximum of five demographic filters to keep the survey filling as efficiently as possible.

Once you have selected your targeting, if you choose to you can also set quotas for any of the demographic filters you selected. Toggle the quotas box on and you can choose to set specific percentages or click Distribute Evenly for the system to calculate an even split for you. Any targeting you add will be reflected on the right side of the screen, together with the quotas you’ve inputted.

If you add percentages but the total doesn't add up to 100%, it will be highlighted in red.

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