Exclude Respondents - If you are running the same survey at set intervals (e.g. once a month) this will enable you to send your survey to a completely new sample each time, excluding those who have already taken a previous survey. 

If you are running multiple surveys with different creative assets, you can also use the exclude respondents feature to reduce bias in your A/B tests, by ensuring respondents only see one of your surveys.

We do not recommend excluding respondents from surveys that ran six or more months ago, as it would considerably decrease your available sample. 

How to set up exclusions

Once you have drafted your survey, move to the Audience page and click the Exclude respondents button.

Selecting a survey (or multiple surveys) will exclude those respondents from answering the survey you’re drafting. Select the previous (open, scheduled or closed) surveys you wish to exclude. You cannot select to exclude draft surveys, as they don’t have respondents. If, for example, you have 4 draft surveys which need exclusive samples, you need to purchase the first with no exclusions. Then add the 1st survey to the list of exclusions in the 2nd survey, and purchase. Then add the 1st and 2nd surveys to the list of exclusions in the 3rd survey, then purchase, and so on.

Use the search bar to locate surveys by external or internal title. 

Check the Selected tab to see the surveys you’ve chosen to exclude. Click Save Exclusions and continue to complete your draft survey.

Note:  If a respondent has taken a survey, but has been removed due to quality control or dropped out half way, they will not be able to screen into your other surveys with exclusive samples. However, if the respondent qualified out, they will be invited to take your new survey. 

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