You can use tags to organise your surveys into distinct projects. With tags you can instantly categorise and label surveys, to make it easier for you and your team to keep track of and easily locate your research. 

Tags are key words you assign to surveys, a bit like putting them in a folder. Here's how they work:

Login to Attest and you'll see a tag symbol next to the search function in the top right hand corner. 

Hit this symbol, and a list of your existing tags will appear on the left hand side of the screen. If you don't currently have any tags, you'll be prompted to start creating some. 

Once you've created a tag, you simply select which surveys you would like to be associated with that tag and click 'Attach'.

You can edit the name and colour codes of your tags as many times as you like, attach and detach tags from the surveys. Each survey can have multiple tags if you wish to put them in more than one folder. 

Clicking the tag category will pull up all the surveys included in that folder, clicking the tag name again will exit the folder and show all surveys.

The tags you use will be accessible to your colleagues also using Attest, and in the All Surveys area you can see their surveys along with any tags used. 

There is also the option to add a pre-populated tag at the point at which you draft your survey title. Choose from one of these popular projects to begin organising your surveys:

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