Routing lets you send respondents down different 'routes' of questioning, depending on the answer they gave to the previous question. 

To launch a survey that uses routing, login to Attest and start creating your survey from scratch. 

You can route respondents from their answers to single or multiple choice questions. In both the list and map views, simply click the routing arrow icon next to the answer you would like to redirect. If you’re drafting your survey in the list view you will select the question or text card to send that answer to from a drop down list, in the map view you can select the destination card itself. 

Note: in the list view the card you’re sending your routed answer to needs to exist for you to select it, so draft the destination card before you turn routing on. In the map view you can select the routing icon and then click a blank card space to add a destination card.

To delete a route just hover over the Routing arrow icon and it’ll turn red and display a bin icon, click this and the route will be deleted. 

In the map view, you can create a new row for each separate route you want your respondents to go down, linked by the blue lines displaying the route each answer will follow. 

If you want to bring your respondents from different rows back together at any point, you can route any card to one destination by clicking the routing icon at the top right of the card and selecting a destination card (from the drop down if you're in list view, or by selecting the destination card itself in map view). Every respondent who sees that card will then be sent to the destination card, whatever their response. 

We're always on-hand to give you a more thorough demo of routing, or help with any questions - just get in touch via the in-platform Live Chat and our Client Experience team will be happy to help.

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