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The Attest audience and quality checks
The Attest audience and quality checks

Where Attest survey respondents come from and how we've got access to such a large sample.

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Attest plugs into hundreds of panels, communities and other sample suppliers. These include professional panel and sample providers, loyalty schemes, fan cubs, communities and forums, gamers and more. This gives our platform access to 100 million respondents across 49 different countries. 

The wide variety of panels we integrate with results in participants with mixed-recruitment and mixed-incentive motivations, which we believe gives you the best quality, most-representative and least-biased data. 

All suppliers go through a quarterly independent third-party sample quality measurement and ranking program - and suppliers are removed from the pool if they're found to contain respondents with inconsistent opinions over time, or those who speed through surveys without giving due attention. 

On top of these supplier checks, we layer a number of machine-learning models which remove poor quality responses and replace them with the good quality answers you see in your Attest results dashboard. To name a few, these models remove gibberish open text answers, respondents who are likely to be overclaiming to gain entry to the survey, those who skip too many questions, open text answers given in a language other than the survey language, and so on.

All these measures are in place to ensure you can trust every answer you see in your Attest results dashboard.

If you would like to further discuss our audience or quality checks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Client Experience team!  

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