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What demographic filters are available?
What demographic filters are available?

Discover the unlimited ways you can target consumers using Attest, with many demographics available, plus new ones added all the time.

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You can choose from 15+ demographic sets, within the Audience page of the survey builder. And can set totally bespoke quotas to reach the targeting you require.

You can use one of our ready made quota sets, such as Working Age NatRep and London Millennials, or design your own demographics from scratch.

Demographics you can choose from (in some countries) include: 

  • Region (country and county)

  • Age (select any ages you like, you're not restricted to bands)

  • Gender

  • Household earnings

  • Home Owner/Renter (and housing type)

  • Parental status (including age and gender of children)

  • Pets owned

  • Education level

  • Relationship status

  • Employment Type

  • Employment Sector

  • Professional Experience

  • DMA (USA only)

  • Ethnicity (USA only)

  • Hispanic & Latino origin (USA only)

Other demographics can be achieved by using qualifying questions and/or routing your surveys

Discover more about the demographic filters you did not choose, but are still visible in your results page, here.

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