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How to use message cards

When and how to use message cards to direct your survey respondents and give them helpful notes

Updated over a week ago

Message cards are a great way to add extra context to your survey, to give instructions to respondents or put them in a preferred state of mind before moving to the next question. You can also use message cards to keep your audience engaged by signposting how much of the survey is left to complete and thanking them for their involvement. 

To add a message card, select the drop down arrow next to Question and you will be given the option to select Message.

You'll then be prompted to enter your text and any image you wish to attach. 

You cannot have a message card at the end of your survey and you can only have one text card between each question; you cannot put two or more message cards in a row. 

Message cards don't count as one of the 40 questions you're able to ask within one survey, and as such you won't be charged for them. 

Get in touch with our team using the in-platform live chat if you have any other questions about how and when to use message cards in your surveys.

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