We're making survey drafting easier and easier, by allowing you to easily spot mistakes and helping you to write the perfect survey. Any errors are highlighted in red, and you're told how to correct them before you set the survey live. In fact, we won't let you set a survey live that has red error messages, so you can be sure when you hit 'go' your survey is perfect!

For any card that contains an error, the card number will be highlighted in red. Hovering over the red card number will list the errors in that question or text card. The part of the question that contains the error will also be outlined in red, with instructions on how to correct the mistake. 


If your error is not related to any one individual card then it will be listed in the bottom left corner of your survey.


Our intelligent survey editor will also make suggestions when your survey could be improved for maximum engagement and the best quality responses. These suggestions will appear as you work in the survey editor, and your survey can be purchased without addressing the errors, though we advise against ignoring them!


If you need any more help understanding how to improve your surveys, start a chat with our team using the in-platform live chat. 

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