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Checking your Attest credit activity
Checking your Attest credit activity

Check credit usage and survey activity for your team in the Credits page

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When you use Attest, your surveys are grouped with those of your colleagues, and displayed in the All Surveys area. You can also see what your colleagues have been working on, in more quantifiable terms, in the Credits page.

You can find the Credits page in the left hand navigation bar. Inside you’ll see all transactions your team has made, including survey purchases, increased samples, refunds and top ups.

You can filter the view by transaction type and user, and view the data within a chosen date range. You’ll see the credit pot associated with each transaction listed in the table, and can filter by pots too.

Please be aware that if users moved into or out of your Attest team before 15th June 2020 there may be discrepancies in the data as their credit activity will have moved with them. As of 15th June 2020 credit activity remains in the team in which it occurred, even if the user is moved to another team.

You can also export your credit activity data to a .csv file for you to use in any data analytics tool you choose.

Bear in mind that using routing or display logic can affect how many overall responses you get. Find out more about display logic and responses.

Get in touch via the in-platform live chat if you have any other questions about your team’s credit activity.

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