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What's new in the Attest dashboard
What’s new in the Attest dashboard?
What’s new in the Attest dashboard?

An overview of our latest releases and updates we’ve made to the platform

Written by Melanie Pieters
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Highlighted product updates

26 July - You can now easily see who in your organisation has been sent an invite and their invites now expire after 14 days, so your People page is now clearer and easy to manage.

12 April - We've added more analysis pages to your results dashboard! You can now easily see your results split by the main demographics: Age, Gender, and Country.

13 April - You are now able to delete an open or closed survey to help you manage your survey dashboard. You will still be able to access your deleted surveys via your dashboard and restore them.

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All product updates

Our team is continuously working to improve the platform, launch new features, update existing feature and resolve any issues that you might be facing. Below you can find an overview of all our latest updates. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manage or talk to us using the chat functionality.


  • 7 September - We’ve improved the export functionality, specifically for surveys with multiple waves or countries. You’ll be able to choose to export separate files or one consolidated file, which will include survey start date, response date, country and language, so that you can easily filter or pivot on the data. We’ve also improved the “question summaries” tab in the Wide Excel export, to give you an easy-to-use overview of all the aggregated results.


  • 26 July - To make sure your People page is clearer and easier to manage, you can now easily see who in your organization has been sent an invitation. And their invitations now expire after 14 days.

  • 10 July - We’ve released an update which disables the targeting of respondents under the age of 16 years old. This is to ensure that your research is at all times carried out in line with industry guidelines and best practice, which require that an identifiable, responsible adult provides permission in order for a child to participate in research. As we do not collect or allow the collection of PII through the Attest Platform, verifiable permission from an identifiable adult cannot be collected.


  • 14 June - You can now select your countries at the top of the results page (this used to be in the filter panel). You can see your aggregated results of results for individual countries.


  • 1 May - You can now see the total number of respondents that answered your question (excluding skips) in the "question details" section on your results dashboard.

  • 2 May - Applying a filter will now update your demographic information shows, so you can easily see what the demographics are of your selected group of respondents.

  • 30 May - We've moved Sentiment analysis. On your results dashboard you'll now have the option to see the sentiment analysis for any open text questions (only available for English surveys, send after 1/1/2021). This will now also update when you apply filters.


  • 4 April - We've added a new visualisation for NPS questions on the trends & analysis page. You can now choose to see your NPS score as a line chart or as a stacked column chart (with promotors, passives & detractors). This will be available for both trends & analysis.

  • 18 April - Scheduled survey are now differentiated with clear statuses


  • 7 March - You can now restrict access to your surveys, along with their visibility in the dashboard. Simply click "share" and change the survey to "only people I invite".

  • 7 March - We’ve made it easier to analyse results for merged answers on the results dashboard! When you’ve merged answers together into a group, you can now easily access the results of the individual answers that are part of the group as well as the group.

  • 20 March - You can now easily copy the data for all your trends & analysis charts. Simply click on the "copy data" icon on the top right to copy the data to your clipboard and paste it to any other location (e.g. Excel) for further analysis or to create your own charts.

  • 21 March - Segments are now saved on an organization level! This means that if you create a segment in results breakdown, your colleagues can now access this too!

  • 24 March - We've added some popular age bands to our filter panel, so you can apply demographic filters more quickly


  • 16 February - You can now choose to visualize single choice questions as pie charts on the results dashboard. Click on the drop down next to "default view" and choose between column chart or pie chart.

  • 16 February - We’ve added the option to choose how you want to display your results for each question individually. Simply click the three dots on the top right of your question and see what your options are. You can choose how to display your data (values/percentages/both) and in what order (draft/results).

  • 28 February - We've made selecting your waves on the results dashboard easier. If you've send out your survey multiple times, you'll be able to choose which waves you want to analyse at the top of the results dashboard.


  • 10 January - You can now edit your qualifying question criteria on a live survey. Head to the Manage page and you'll be able to relax qualifying criteria to open up the sample to more respondents.

  • 26 January - We've made some improvements to the algorithm behind our automated text analysis. This feature is still labelled as "beta" which means we are still actively working on making it better and suitable for lots of different usecases. This recent change will especially improve the performance of the model for grouping brands together in e.g. unaided brand awareness questions. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to reach out to your customer support manager.

  • 27 January - Your charts on the results dashboard will now include the answer options "other", "none" & "N/A".

  • 30 January - We've made some changes to how can interact with your charts on the results dashboard. You can now hide an answer option from the chart by clicking on the answer label in the legend

December '22

  • 7 December - The results dashboard has had an update! These improvements are a first major step to ensure the analysis dashboard is easy to use and focused on helping you to discover insights, with added chart visualisations so you can choose how to view and present your data.

  • 12 December - We've added more functionality to answer filtering. You could already click on an answer and see how your respondents have responded to other questions, but now you will see the question itself update too! We've also added the option to filter on ranked questions, so you can now see how people who have ranked a particular answer high (first or second) ranked the other answer options.

You can find the full overview of our 2022 product updates here.

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