Every week our product and technology teams are busy working on releasing new features, and updating existing ones, to ensure that consumer research is even easier and more reliable than ever.

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Here's what we've released recently...


  • 7 March - Do you have a survey that should only be visible to a limited number of people in your organisation? You can now restrict access to your surveys, along with their visibility in the dashboard. Simply click "share" and change the survey to "only people I invite".

  • 7 March - We’ve made it easier to analyse results for merged answers on the results dashboard! When you’ve merged answers together into a group, you can now easily access the results of the individual answers that are part of the group as well as the group.


  • 16 February - You can now choose to visualize single choice questions as pie charts on the results dashboard. Click on the drop down next to "default view" and choose between column chart or pie chart.

  • 16 February - We’ve added the option to choose how you want to display your results for each question individually. Simply click the three dots on the top right of your question and see what your options are. You can choose how to display your data (values/percentages/both) and in what order (draft/results).

  • 28 February - We've made selecting your waves on the results dashboard easier. If you've send out your survey multiple times, you'll be able to choose which waves you want to analyse at the top of the results dashboard. Important: The default has changed from showing all aggregated data to your latest send wave.

  • 6 February - We've added the option to download your sentiment analysis chart. To access your sentiment analysis click on "text analysis beta" underneath your open text questions on your results dashboard (only available for English surveys).


  • 30 January - We've made some changes to how can interact with your charts on the results dashboard. You can now hide an answer option from the chart by clicking on the answer label in the legend.

  • 27 January - Your charts on the results dashboard will now include the answer options "other", "none" & "N/A".

  • 26 January - We've made some improvements to the algorithm behind our automated text analysis. This feature is still labelled as "beta" which means we are still actively working on making it better and suitable for lots of different usecases. This recent change will especially improve the performance of the model for grouping brands together in e.g. unaided brand awareness questions. If you have any questions about this, don't hesitate to reach out to your customer support manager.

  • 10 January - You can now edit your qualifying question criteria on a live survey. Head to the Manage page and you'll be able to relax qualifying criteria to open up the sample to more respondents.


  • 12 December - We've added more functionality to answer filtering. You could already click on an answer and see how your respondents have responded to other questions, but now you will see the question itself update too! We've also added the option to filter on ranked questions, so you can now see how people who have ranked a particular answer high (first or second) ranked the other answer options.

  • 7 December - The results dashboard has had an update! These improvements are a first major step to ensure the analysis dashboard is easy to use and focused on helping you to discover insights, with added chart visualisations so you can choose how to view and present your data.


29 November - We've added sentiment analysis to your automated text analysis. This allows you analyse open text answers in more detail and understand if your respondents replied in a positive, negative or neutral way. This is currently only available for English surveys.

22 November - We’ve launched a beautiful new look and feel on the platform! Everything works the same as before, but you’ll see some changes to the way your dashboard looks. This update is to further improve how accessible Attest is and to bring the platform design in-line with every other interaction people might have with Attest. We’re always working to make sure our platform is as accessible and user-friendly as possible - stay tuned for more updates to the platform soon.


  • 10 October - You can now save time setting up your audience targeting across pieces of research. Choose to save an audience as a preset, and later apply this to any survey draft with a few simple clicks.

  • 6 October - Now launching Academy! A go-to hub for guidance and tips on running successful consumer research. Linked in the dashboard navigation, but hosted on our website, you'll now find access to content to help you create your Brand Tracking and Consumer Profiling studies. We'll be adding more and more content soon!

  • 13 October - When using forward answers, you can now calculate the percentages based on the forwarded sample (the people that selected this answer in the question you've forwarded from). This will make it easier to see the relationship between one question and another.

  • 13 October - You can now see your results and trends by time and by country on a single results page. We've also moved certain actions such as duplicate & increase sample to the survey manage page.


  • 29 September - You can now manually merge different keywords together in Text Analysis. This will allow you to group key words that are similar into one group, making it even easier to get insights from open ended responses.

  • 21 September - We've added more export options to "Trends". You can now choose to export your different surveys in one go to Excel, CSV or PPT.

  • 15 September - You can now add data labels to your graphs in "Trends". You can also view the difference in percentage point (and see which differences are statistically significant vs. the previous date) for single & multiple choice questions. This will make it easier to read your data and interpret your results.


  • 30 August - You can now also run a statistical significance test in Results breakdown for NPS & Ranking questions (on top of single choice, multiple choice & grid) to get more confidence in your conclusions.

  • 17 August - There is now a search function in your saved question library, to help to more easily to find a saved question or to search by topic for questions used by your colleagues.

  • 3 August - We have optimised our support for the YouTube Shorts format, ensuring that your Shorts are presented in full portrait mode for respondents.


  • 29 July - We've released the option in trends charts to swap what is displayed on your X-axis (answer/countries/dates). You can now choose if you want your answers displayed on the X-axis or your dates/countries (for grid questions, this will be answers or subjects. Not available for NPS questions).

  • 27 July - We've updated the way we visualise NPS results. On the results overview page & results breakdown page, you will now see NPS results grouped by promotors, detractors & passives. In the details view, we've also added an NPS score visualisation to show that NPS score goes from -100 to 100.

  • 13 July - You can now send a multi-market study to audiences with different targeting demographics and quotas! When choosing your markets, simply select the custom targeting you wish to apply; these no longer need to be the same across the various markets.

  • 27 July - We've updated the way we visualise NPS results. On the results overview page & results breakdown page, you will now see NPS results grouped by promotors, detractors & passives. In the detail

  • 19 July - No more fiddly processes getting your images into answer options! We've optimised how to work with images and automated image cropping, making this drafting step faster.


  • 27 June - Ever wanted to easily copy survey questions from previous surveys you've run? You can now save a question to your team's question library and easily insert a saved question into any survey draft!

  • 10 June - You can now create & compare market segments in Results Breakdown to see how they’ve responded to your questions. You can build your own segments by combining demographics traits (e.g. gender & age) and/or behavioural traits based on answers given to questions in your survey (e.g. shop online > 1 a week).

  • 4 June - It's now possible to add a pre-drafted survey into Attest in a few simple clicks. Choose to start a survey with paste survey content and add multiple questions from your doc or spreadsheet in seconds.

  • 21 June - We’ve released automated text analysis to help you analyse open ended questions more easily! Our AI driven model will automatically extract and group relevant key words and key phrases, so you can easily recognize trends and patters in your open text answers. Since this feature is still in beta, we are looking for your feedback!


  • 24 May - You can now manage all of your live and recurring survey information from the convenient "manage" tab on the left side navigation.

  • 2 May - You can now create scale questions FASTER in the platform. Choose from our suggested answer scale options to quickly create questions for your research study. Simple go to "add multiple answers" and select your desired scale in the drop down menu.

  • 25 May - We've updated how you add a question into your survey. You'll notice a new interface that reduces the steps to add a new question and change question types. You'll also see the saved question library (coming in June!)


  • 7 April - Recurring surveys have been upgraded to incorporate a tracker results view, allowing you to analyse recurring survey data all in one view in the Attest platform. This is only for new recurring surveys you create - historical ones will need to be updated to benefit from these updates.

  • 6 April - You can now easily see a comparison of your results between countries on the new By country tab on your Trends page.

  • 4 April - Now you can see all of your Tracker results aggregated in the traditional results view on the Overview tab on your Trends page.

  • 8 April - We’ve added the option to copy your results to the clipboard from Results Breakdown (for single, multiple choice & grid questions). This will allow you to easily copy & paste your data into any other file, such as excel. It will also include the filters and/or statistical significance tests you have applied.

  • 6 April - A small update to allow for greater flexibility when forwarding answers to a Grid question - we now allow for up to 20 subjects when forwarding answers from a previous question to a Grid.

  • 6 April - You can now also run statistical significance tests on grid questions in Results Breakdown. You can choose a benchmark (total or a certain group) and your confidence level (95%, 90% or 80%) and see if there is a significant difference in the answers.

  • 19 April - We've released an invitation only BETA that extracts and groups key words from open text responses to make survey results easier to analyse.

  • April 26 - The age brackets that you create in Results Breakdown are now saved during your session! This means that you can change “breakdown by” to other variables, and when you select age again you no longer need to re-enter your desired brackets.


  • 31 March - Even greater flexibility when using display logic is here, with the ability to use answers to any Grid question as the condition(s) to determine to whom a question is shown.

  • 21 March - The display logic feature just got even more flexible and precise. You can now add logic to a questions that contains AND, OR, and NOT (selected) rules to determine when a question should be shown to a respondent.

  • 31 March - You can now choose which columns you want to include or exclude in your Results Breakdown (”crosstabs”). This makes it easier to focus on just the groups you are interested in and seeing if there are any statistical significant differences between how these groups have responded to a certain question.

  • 18 March - It's now easier to see all of the markets you've selected for multi-market studies in the audience section of the platform. Markets, languages, and sample sizes are now presented in an easy to use, spreadsheet like layout.

  • 8 March - It's now easier to view all of your results thanks to the collapsable side bar. Simply click the side arrow on the filters panel to create more space on your screen.

  • 20 March - We are expanding our market reach by adding 9 new counties and expanded reach in 5 more. New markets include: Ecuador, Bulgaria, Serbia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia among others. To participate in the BETA before the full site launch, reach out to your Customer Success or Customer Research Manager.


  • 24 Feb - Have more confidence in your conclusions with our statistical significance tests in results breakdown. You can choose a benchmark (total or a specific group) and your confidence level (95%, 90% or 80%) and see if there is a statistically significant difference in the answers.

  • 15 Feb - You can now set logic conditions across questions in your survey, to enable you to create more complex surveys and show the right questions to the right respondent at the right time.

  • 8 Feb - The results from your multi-market studies are now aggregated together. To see a market-by-market view, simply filter the results by market in the right-hand demographic sidebar on your 'Trends' tab.

  • 4 Feb - Not sure what sample size to use in your upcoming survey? We've got you covered with the NEW Sample Size Calculator located conveniently on the Audience page in the Attest platform.

  • 28 Feb - Easily identify which of your answers were qualifying answers in Results Breakdown with the newly added "Q" icon.

  • 10 Feb - Groups of questions just got easier to use! You can now add and remove questions from groups while editing a survey without having to delete the group or start a new group.

  • 3 Feb - You can now add filters to your results breakdown, to dive deeper into your results and compare different segments with each other. Choose how you want to breakdown your data (columns) and select any filters you want to apply (demographic and/or answers).

  • 17 Feb - When exporting your survey data, percentages are now exported as decimals

  • 8 Feb - You can now export all your multi-market surveys into one excel


  • 24 Jan - You can now use answer options as filters when analysing results on trend studies! Easily visualise how respondents who answered a question one way (e.g. dark chocolate is my preferred sweet treat) responded to the rest of your survey over time.

  • 10 Jan - On top of our current data quality measures, we've enhanced the checks on respondent engagement, which is particularly important on longer surveys, to make sure you're getting the best respondent data on your surveys.

  • 25 Jan - You can now set a recurring cadence for tracker surveys at the point of survey creation.

  • 25 Jan - The groups that you create when merging answers from grid questions are now saved in the dashboard and can be viewed be all people visiting your survey results.

  • 18 Jan - Moving questions around in List View wasn't very easy, so we've made some updates to the question sidebar to enable you to easily drag and drop questions around.

  • 5 Jan - You can now see forward answers reflected in the preview mode of your survey.


  • 20 Dec - When using quotas on qualifying answers, you are now able to adjust or remove them on live surveys, giving you maximum flexibility in your respondent targeting, right up until the final response!

  • 20 Dec - We've added a reminder in our question cards about the shortcuts you can use to add bold and italic text in your survey questions. Look for the keyboard icon on your question card for the reminder!

  • 15 Dec - The groups that you create by merging answers are now saved in the dashboard, and can be viewed be all people visiting your survey results. Merging is answers is currently available for single choice and multiple choice questions.

  • 10 Dec - You can now choose which questions you want to export! Click on export, decide if you want to export all questions or a specific selection and then choose your desired format (Excel, PPT or CSV).

  • 8 Dec - You can now add bold and italics more easily to questions and message cards using keyboard shortcuts. Just use [command + b] for bold and [command + i] for italics and [command + b + i] for both.

  • 10 Dec - You can now schedule your tracker to auto send at pre-determined dates in the future, saving you time and ensuring you're gathering continuous insights on your desired schedule.

  • 10 Dec - You can now share your Tracker and trends page outside of your organization, the same way you can share an individual survey with non-Attest users.

  • 7 Dec - We've launched improvements to performance lags when drafting and editing large surveys, particularly where complex routing is used. Drafting and making changes to your survey prior to launch should now be easier and faster!


  • 17 Nov - You can now save time sending surveys by selecting more than one country in the audience panel where the language, demographics and sample size are the same.

  • 12 Nov - You can now make your results easier to read & analyse by merging answers together into a group. Simply click on the answers you want to merge together and name your group of answers. Available for single & multiple choice, and grid questions.

  • 3 Nov - You can now purchase the next survey in your Tracker using a credit pot of your choice.

  • 18 Nov - We have now removed survey receipts from the product - you will still receive an email when you purchase a survey and you can still see a list of all surveys purchased in the "Transactions" tab on the Credits page.

  • 16 Nov - You now have ability to add text styling (bold, italics) to your questions, to enable you to convey the exact message you want.

  • 4 Nov - Have more confidence in your conclusions with our statistical significance calculator. You can compare two groups (e.g. football players vs. rugby players) and see if there is a significant difference in their answers.


  • 29 Oct - You can now apply answer quotas to your Tracker surveys, too!

  • 20 Oct - We've updated our demographic data around Higher Education to best meet user expectations and to better align with feasibility definitions with a panel provider.

  • 13 Oct - A large usability improvement to our editing experience has launched! We've made changes to the way you apply settings or add logic to questions (routing, qualifying) in List View to help you work more efficiently!

  • 4 Oct - You can now download all surveys in your Tracker or all surveys in any "compare results" dashboard (including multiple markets) into Excel.

  • 1 Oct - We've updated one of our panel provider APIs to show the most accurate and up-to-date feasibility sample numbers in the Attest platform.

  • 5 Oct - First iteration of a statistical significance calculator has launched. This will allow users to compare the significance of results for two groups on a given question. Product teams are happy to get your feedback on this in our chat feature.


  • 28 Sept - In your Tracker, you can now select which surveys you want to appear in a Trend.

  • 27 Sept - Want to make changes to your Tracker? You can now add new questions and new competitors and see them compared on your Trend graphs.

  • 22 Sept - Want to create new respondent segments when analysing data? You can now "group" responses for single and multiple choice segments when analysing your survey data.

  • 16 Sept - To keep your data quality high when running tracker surveys, the platform now prompts you with the option to exclude previous respondents at the time you duplicate a survey.

  • 10 Sept - Easily visualise open text answers with a word cloud. You can even download it as an image.

  • 8 Sept - A CSV data export is now available for your survey results.

  • 7 Sept - Survey filling slowly? You can now remove demographic quotas from any live survey!

  • 1 Sept - Find your exact multi-market survey even easier with country and language now displayed on the survey card on the survey list page.

  • 14 Sept - You can now add up to 50 answer options to a single question.

  • 10 Sept - You can now re-name any internal survey title, even after you've purchased the survey.

  • 10 Sept - You can now ask up to 40 questions in any Attest survey.


  • 27 Aug - You can now see the progress of filling your audience quotas in the "targeting" tab in live surveys.

  • 23 Aug - You can now copy survey answers from Word and Excel and bulk upload them directly into your survey with the "add multiple answers" option.

  • 19 Aug - You can now turn any survey into a Tracker by clicking on the "trends" tab in an open or closed survey. Run that survey again to spot trends in your data over time.

  • 17 Aug - Wide export is now available as a format to download your results in.

  • 16 Aug - You can now set minimal answer quotas on single AND multiple choice questions!

  • 11 Aug - You can now set minimal answer quotas on single choice questions! This gives you the ability to decide what percentage of a qualifying answer you want to qualify into your survey.

  • 27 Aug - You can now search for "exact" keywords in open text questions. Only available in Tracker surveys for now.

  • 24 Aug - You now have the option to export data only from qualified respondents when you export your data into excel.

  • 20 Aug - Copied results from individual questions can now be pasted seamlessly into excel for generating your own charts and tables.

  • 18 Aug - You can now have up to 800 characters in a text card.

  • 25 Aug - Reach larger sample sizes with increased audience reach in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Brazil and Austria. Currently in Alpha release. Speak to your Customer Success manager to learn more.

  • 19 Aug - Beta users can now make edits to their next tracker survey.

Ability to merge answers together in your results dashboard

You can now easily merge answers of single and multiple choice questions together in the results dashboard. Select the answers you want to merge together and choose a name for the group. This will make it easier for you draw quick conclusions from your survey results and will allow you to present back your results in a clear visual way. No more export of Excel needed!

Word cloud and grouped answers in open text questions

To make analysing open text questions easier, we've added the option to create a word cloud for any open text question. A word cloud is a great visual representation of open text responses that helps you recognize trends more quickly. It shows a cluster of words, with the size of the word indicating how often this word has been mentioned in your responses.

Another new feature in open text questions is that you can now look at grouped responses. Grouped responses makes it easier to see how often a word or brand has been mentioned, by combining responses together that contain the same word or variation of that word.

New export options for easier data analysis

We've added a new export option: CSV export, alongside the long Excel export and wide excel export. The format has been developed together with our in-house data experts and is specifically suitable for uploading your Attest data into any other statistical tools that you might use, such as Q* or SPSS.

Next to the new export format, we've also included the option to choose to export only the data of your qualified respondents.

Expertly-written templates help you launch new projects

Whether you're brand new to Attest, starting a new project, or just wondering what else you can use Attest for, the new Templates page delivers guidance and inspiration in equal measure! Discover 9 ready-to-use templates written by our in-house team of experts, and rest assured they hit best practices and optimise for actionable results. Plus, customise and edit the templates to suit your exact needs, adding and removing questions and logic to give you actionable data. Then simply select your target audience and launch your survey! It couldn't be easier to start your next project...

Route respondents to different paths from their qualifying answers

If you want to immediately split respondents into distinct routes to ask them different questions based on how they answer the qualifying questions in your survey, you can now route from single- and multiple-choice qualifying answers to any other question type. You can bring these routes back together after separate questioning, or keep them separate throughout the survey.


Break down results into tables displaying demographic and question splits

Results breakdowns allow you to see how different groups of respondents answered your survey, and to view relationships between questions. In our results dashboard, you can now easily and independently get a deeper understanding of the data, by breaking them down into demographic splits or by answers to other questions. This allows you to instantly see which respondents over- and under-index compared to the average answer, bringing you closer to the sentiments of your real, nuanced customers, and enabling you to take focussed actions off the back of your survey. You can also export these breakdowns for further analysis or to create charts in Excel!


Carry forward answers extended to grid and single-choice questions

We recently released the functionality to forward multiple choice answers chosen by each respondent into further multiple choice questions, and have now extended the functionality to allow you to forward those multiple choice answers to single-choice questions and to the subjects of grid questions. This means you can dig deeper into the opinions of your target audience and move through funnel questions, with surveys that are personalised to the responses each consumer gives.


Gen Z and Millennial preset audiences in the US

You can now select to target Generation Z or Millennial respondents (targeting based on age, with nationally representative quotas on gender and region) when sending surveys to the US, with the touch of a single button. Choose either of these audiences in the Set audience tab of the survey editor.


Carry forward answers for hyper-relevant surveys

Forward a respondent's selected multiple choice answers through your survey, so that every question is hyper-relevant to each respondent. This removes - or "masks" - answers which haven't been selected, so respondents are presented with a narrower choice of relevant multiple choice answers as they move through your survey.


Export results to PowerPoint for faster presentation creation

Speed up the process of creating presentations from your survey results, by exporting your data straight to PPTX file, with or without filters applied! Find the story you want to tell in-platform, using demographic and answer filters, then export the results to PowerPoint for editable slides of all questions, plus word clouds representing open text answers.


[Beta] Merge surveys to compare results, plus charts

With our new comparison dashboards, you can easily compare data from different surveys in one view. You'll be able to quickly understand shifting behaviours and opinions across your target audiences over time or multiple surveys. [Note - this is a beta feature, currently under works]

Easy brand tracking with recurring surveys

You can now make your brand trackers recur every 1, 3 or 6 months with the touch of a button. The next surveys are populated as drafts, which you can edit if needed, then the next survey is sent automatically at the intervals you selected, from the date of your first survey. This saves you duplicating and scheduling your next brand trackers, and ensures they run at a regular cadence.


Admin and member permissions to help your team spend from the right credit pots

We've now introduced Attest administrators within each team. These administrators can create credit pots and, crucially, assign members of their team to these pots. Only members of pots can spend the credits assigned to that pot. This should help with budgeting, save credits which are ring-fenced for particular teams or projects, and empower your team to purchase surveys knowing they're using credits that are specifically assigned for them to use. In the Credits page administrators can see all credit pots and create new ones, whereas all other people can only see the pots they are members of in this view. All surveys can still be seen in the Team Surveys page.


Randomise groups of questions for creative and NPD tests

Now when you create a survey you'll have the option to add questions, text cards and groups! You can run sequential tests that are totally free from order bias by grouping assets or ideas with follow up questions, or by grouping sets of related questions, and randomising between the groups in the card list. Whether it's monadic or sequential testing that's more your thing, you can now do either with Attest.


Ethnicity and Hispanic origin available to target in the US

We're constantly adding new demographic profiles to our custom audience builder, to make sure you can always efficiently spend your Attest credits speaking to the consumers that you need. You can now target your US survey to chosen ethnicities and Hispanic origins, and add quotas to ensure the representation of each that you want to reach. And, as with any demographic profile, you can filter your results by these profiles in-platform.

Help your team spend credits from the right budget using credit pots.

You can now create, name and add a portion of your credits to distinct credit pots, to make sure every team, market or project has the correct credit budget assigned to them. However you choose to divide your credits in the Credits page, next time you purchase a survey you'll be able to choose which pot to draw from, and see all transactions within each pot in the Credits page too.

Moving card actions into the card

We'll be the first to admit it, it was a bit confusing that buttons like the delete card icon floated above the card in map view... but no more! Our designers are on the ball, and now you'll find all your card actions within the card itself.

Comment with confidence with new functionality

You can now more easily see which of your colleagues created the survey draft you're looking at, so you're sure you're commenting in the right place. Plus, you can delete comments, so you're sure you're commenting the right thing!

Increasing answer options from 8 to 10

Screen sizes are increasing, and so are the number of answers we can fit comfortably on a mobile, so we've upped our answer option limit from 8 to 10. Meaning you can test more sentiments, more competitors, more logos... the list goes on and on!

Export your teams' credit activity report

From the Credits page you can now download all transactions to a .csv file for you to use in any data analytics tool. Export the full data set for all Attest transactions across your team, to see credits spent, refunds and top-ups and interact with the data in any way that works for you.

More accurate results with randomised questions

Whatever you're testing - be it concepts, creatives, competitors and so on - you can have full confidence that the results are free from order bias by using our new randomisation feature. Shuffle the order of questions (consecutive or not, but they must be in a linear row unbroken by routing, piping or other survey logic) for survey respondents to give you the most accurate read on consumer reactions!

Take a look at your team's Attest usage in-platform

Whether you're a manager keeping tabs on credits spent, or just a teammate interested in what your colleagues are working on, the new Credits page in the Attest dashboard will help you see who's doing what, when, and where with their Attest credits. Get inspired by your colleagues' projects, and keep an eye on their spending, all in one place.

Receive notifications via our new Zapier integration

We've built an integration with Zapier, to make it easier for you to collaborate and share results. With Zapier and Attest you can create 'Zaps', the Zapier term for workflows that connect your apps together. The Zaps will notify you in your chosen platform when:

  • New comments are added to a survey

  • A survey is purchased by you or your team

Invite your colleagues to join your Attest team

Here at Attest we're big on collaboration. Earlier this year we introduced comments to survey drafts, so you can work with your colleagues to create perfect surveys and get the answers you need.

Now you can invite your colleagues to Attest from the platform so you can work together with everyone you need to in order to get the job done.

Invite your colleagues via the Team page, and for control over who can gain access you'll only be able to invite colleagues with email domains that match yours.

Users you invite can then comment on your draft surveys, see survey results from your team and create their own research.


Annual Household Earnings mapped in 13 more markets

Household Earnings are one of the most popular demographics on the Attest platform, so we've added them as an option to 13 new markets across Europe, Asia, North and South America. Target consumers within bands of household earnings, apply custom quotas and filter results by this demographic, so you can better understand your consumers and highlight new market opportunities with richer insights.

Pipe answers into follow up questions

We've released a new feature called Piping, which allows anyone using the Attest survey editor to Pipe (or carry a respondent's answer over) from a single choice question into any other question. This allows you to make every survey hyper-relevant to each respondent, giving you better quality and more honest answers!

Share filtered results via the share survey link

Share specific views of your results, filtered by chosen demographics. Apply filters to your (or your colleagues') surveys, and capture that view to share with others. We've updated the Share results functionality to allow you to choose whether to share an unfiltered results view, of all demographics, or to share a filtered results view with the demographics you've applied. This allows you to share specific insights with your team, and easily highlight the golden nuggets of data in your results.


Easily spot the number of comments in a survey

Spot a new comment in your survey, or find the team drafts with ongoing discussions, thanks to the new comment count displayed on the survey listings pages (both My Surveys and Team Surveys). When you're inside the survey you can also see the number of comments displayed at the top of the comment sidebar.


Control which of your colleagues have access to Attest
Circumstances change, and sometimes you'll need to edit which of your colleagues can log in, draft surveys and see results on the Attest dashboard. We've put the power in your hands so that now you can do just that. Remove colleagues who are no longer in your team or company without having to contact our support team.

Move cards around in the list view
You spoke and we listened. A feature holding people back from fully migrating their drafts onto the new editor was that it was pesky to have to switch to the map view to move cards around. We added the ability to move cards to the card list in list view (and booted out the old editor while we were at it!). 

Share your draft with more control
You can now share draft surveys with any colleague in order to collaborate using the comment sidebar. If you don't want to receive comments, just share the results view instead! The results view is also accessible to people you want to share your survey with who don't have an Attest login, so you can make sure the right people have access to what you're working on!


Preview videos in the survey editor
Whether you need to check you've linked the right video, or just want to see how the respondent will see your creative assets, now you can preview videos you've added to questions in the card itself and in the survey preview.


Comment on your colleagues' survey drafts
We're big on teams collaborating on surveys; it helps you spot bias, correct typos and make sure the survey is primed to gather the best data to answer your burning questions. Now you can take a look at any of your colleagues' surveys, and offer feedback, ask questions and take notes in the Comments sidebar. Our in-house survey experts, the ACE team, can also comment on your drafts, just ask them to using the in-platform live chat! Teamwork makes the dream work, after all!


Route respondents from a whole card (not just from answers!)
When you're bringing multiple routes together, you can now route from a whole card, and save yourself having to route each answer to one destination. Simply click the routing icon at the top of the card (any question or text card, in either the map or list view) to turn it into a routing question, and select the card you'd like to send all the respondents to. Bringing routes back together can now be done with the touch of a single button.


Category tagging added to the survey editor

You can now tag your surveys based on the type of work you're doing on the Attest platform! This helps you organise your surveys, and your team's surveys, into specific needs addressed, to truly spell out the impact made.


In-survey video length extended to 3 minutes
60 seconds just wasn't cutting it - you let us know, and we fixed it! You can now ask your respondents to watch videos up to 3 minutes in length (in any question or text card, more on how, here!). A word to the wise, though... the shorter the video, the more engaged your respondents will be and the better quality data you'll get as a result. 


New view-only access to your colleague's drafts
Drafting your surveys with the help of colleagues is often important. Whether you just need an extra set of eyes, or help wording a question, being able to see what your colleagues are working on (and vice versa) is crucial. Now when you share a link to your survey (or find your colleagues' surveys through the Team Surveys area) your colleagues will see a view-only version of your draft survey. They can't make edits, but they can see what you're working on! Watch this space for more additions to this feature coming soon! 


Team page

Maybe you've already noticed a little addition to the navigation bar... the new Team page. Here you'll see all your colleagues who also have Attest accounts, so you know who you can collaborate with, and who still needs to be invited to join Attest.


Surveys for your own audience can now stay open for a whole year

You can now gather responses to any Attest survey, including the surveys you choose to send to your own audience, for up to 1 year! You can close your survey at any point after launch, once you've gathered the amount of responses you're after, but if you do nothing your survey will automatically close after one year - giving you plenty of time to get the responses you need!

New editor released 🎉

Our new editor is the product of a few things; extensive research with our existing clients (you lot!) and our internal research experts, a proactive look at what the market needs, and a collaborative effort between our design and engineering teams. The final product empowers everyone - including research novices - to create better surveys, more easily and in less time, so that they can get to the answers that power their day-to-day decision-making. Because we all know that the best part of asking questions is getting actionable answers.

The purchase flow has been given an end-to-end make-over, so lots has changed. To keep things short and sweet, here are the highlights:

Two views

You’re free to work your way.

Part of making our tool more intuitive for clients includes giving you the freedom to work with your surveys in whichever view suits you best. While the list view allows you to edit the contents of question & text cards and introduce routes, switching to the map view presents the survey in a different view for you to easily visualise any routes you’ve added. Many of the features - adding and removing questions, and adding and removing routes, for instance - can be done in whichever view you prefer to work in.

New question & answer flow

We’ve made changes based on the way people want to use our platform.

We've flipped questions on their head. Now you can draft your question before you choose what answer type suits it best; single or multiple choice, grid, ranked, NPS or open text. 

Card list

Complex surveys made simple.

Longer surveys are often important, and dealing with (up to) 23 questions at a time can be hard to keep track of. We've made it simpler than ever to visualise your survey flow by adding a card list to the left hand side of the Draft tab. Scroll through the cards you’re using and click a card to jump straight to it. 

Expanding our global reach

Our mission is simple: to represent the global market. As such, we are constantly adding new countries to our reach, to allow our clients to explore new and potential markets all within our single platform. To support this goal, we have now added Kenya and Nigeria to our global reach. 

Sometimes speaking to your audience at a specific time of day is vitally important. Now you can schedule your surveys based on the timezone your consumers are in. No more calculating the time difference between your consumers and GMT, you just need to select the timezone from the dropdown menu in the "Confirm" tab, and the dashboard will automatically tell you the equivalent time in the default location (the UK). Read more about this feature here.

Audience: DMAs in the US market

Knowing you're reaching the right consumers with your adverts is super important. We've introduced Designated Market Areas as a demographic field when sending a survey to the US market. You can choose which DMAs should receive your survey, and filter the results by individual or groups of DMAs that you choose. This allows you to optimise your campaigns in your specific markets, and track those campaigns too. 

New sidebar design

One day, using Attest will be second-nature. Until then, we've improved the way you navigate around your dashboard. The newly redesigned side navigation bar makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Whether you're starting a survey from scratch, checking results or topping up your wallet, our improved side bar will help you get there sooner. 

See that 'i' in the bottom left? That's the new home for our Help Centre, so you can get your answers any time of the day or night. 

Exporting your data

If you're looking for the data from one or two questions, copy results direct from the Attest results dashboard and paste into a spreadsheet. You can even apply demographic filters and cross tabs in the dashboard, then copy that precise data set. 

Additional targeting in Belgium Region, Poland Region and Russia Oblast 

You can now target consumers based on region, province and even narrower locations in Belgium, Poland and Russia without having to include qualifying questions at the outset, reducing the budget and work for you; they’re available at the touch of a button, for free.

Increasing our pre-set market reach

If your brand markets to parents, then this update is for you! You can now target consumers (and filter results) based on the respondent's parental status, and the age and gender of their child(ren) in Hong Kong and Malaysia!

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