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Using the list view and map view to draft your survey
Using the list view and map view to draft your survey

Discover the difference between the map and list views, and how to navigate through cards using the card list.

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At Attest we want to make building complicated surveys an easy process. We understand everyone has a different way of working, so however you like to work we have a survey builder to suit you. 

When you first open your survey draft, the page will default to the list view. In this view you can edit the contents of questions and text cards. In this view the questions and text cards are listed vertically. 

To zoom out to a map view of your survey, simply press the Map view icon at the bottom of the page. Your survey will now be displayed horizontally. Now you can see all your questions, and all the routes you have created in rows below. 

In map view you can edit the text in the questions, text cards and answer options. Clicking Edit on any of the questions or text cards you want to amend will take you back to the list view to allow you to edit the card further.

In the both views you can see all your questions in order in the card list on the left hand side. In the map view the sidebar is minimised so you'll need to use the tab to open it. You can scroll through the list and click on a question or text to jump to that card in the survey. You can also drag and drop cards from here to re-order them.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Client Experience team. 

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