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Edit the list of people in your organisation
Edit the list of people in your organisation

Manage who is part of your organisation on Attest by adding or removing people.

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Your Attest account exists as part of your wider Attest organisation. Everyone with an Attest account who is added to the organisation can draft and send their own surveys, comment on drafts and view the results of any surveys run by your organisation, unless a survey has been restricted by the survey owner.

Adding colleagues

To invite a new colleague to Attest, navigate to the People page, enter their email address into the Invite people box and send them an invitation. Your colleague will receive an email asking them to complete their sign-up (their invite will expire after 14 days).

To control who can gain access to your Attest team, you can only invite users who have an email domain that matches an existing user in your Attest organisation.

To add a colleague who doesn’t have a matching email domain, get in contact with us by using the in-platform live chat or emailing

Your Attest Customer Success Manager will be notified when the invitee signs up, so that they can get in touch to offer a formal onboarding with our in-house research experts.

N.B. We’re aware that this feature might be better suited to some companies than others! If you have concerns that this feature will cause problems for your organisation, please do reach out to your Customer Success Manager who can talk you through solutions.

Removing colleagues

To remove a colleague's access to Attest, you must be an Admin.

As an Admin, navigate to the People page in the dashboard, and click the bin icon next to the email address of the colleague you'd like to remove, and Yes, delete when prompted to confirm. Your colleague will be logged out of their account if they try to access the platform again, and won't be able to log back in.

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