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How to add and see comments on draft surveys
How to add and see comments on draft surveys

See what notes your colleagues have added to your survey, and leave comments on your team's surveys.

Updated over a week ago

Collaborating on surveys is vital if you're going to gather data that is useful to your team and accurate (avoiding typos and bias!). Now you can add comments to any colleague's draft survey in the All Surveys area, and you can see & respond to their comments on your drafts.

To see who's draft survey you're looking at, click the Survey details icon in the top right, and the name of the colleague who owns the survey draft will be shown.

In the draft survey, click the Comments speech bubble icon at the top right of the screen. This will open the comments sidebar, where you can see all the comments left on the draft (if there are any) and add your own by typing into the text box. You can see the comments sidebar on any page of the draft survey in the Collaborator view (accessed via the All Surveys page or if a colleague shares the collaborator view access with you). 

You can easily delete your own comments if you make a mistake, by clicking the X next to your comment.

If you'd like our Attest Customer Expertise team to preview and add comments to your survey, get in touch via the in-platform live chat.

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