Piping in a survey

How to use the Piping feature in Attest's survey editor

Updated over a week ago

We've released a new feature called Piping, which allows anyone using the Attest survey editor to 'Pipe' (or carry a respondent's survey response over) from a single choice question into any other question.

Here's how it works:

1. Create a single choice question you'd like to Pipe from.

2. Click on the Pipe icon within the question card that you'd like to carry over respondents' unique survey responses to.

3. Any questions that are able to be Piped into a follow up question will appear in the drop-down that pops up once you select the 'Pipe' icon.

4. After you've selected the question you'd like to Pipe, a shortcode that corresponds to the question you are piping from appears. For example, if you'd like to carry over respondents' answers from question 1, the shortcode will be '{Q1}'. If from question 2, the shortcode will be '{Q2}', and so on.

5. Preview at any time by selecting the 'Preview' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Check out the full video to see how to build Piping into your next survey.

N.B. This feature is currently available for single choice questions, meaning you can Pipe from a single choice question into any other type of question. We'll be building on this feature as we go, so please do give us feedback as and when you've tried it out!

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