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Creating and purchasing using credit pots
Creating and purchasing using credit pots

Learn how to create, name and add balance to your team’s credit pots. Plus how to buy surveys and see transactions filtered by pot.

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Admin users for your organisation can divide your Attest credits into individual pots per team, market, project, timescale, or however else your company works with budget. Dividing credits means transactions (survey purchases and sample increases) can be associated to that pot, so you can more easily see and control how budget is being spent by each group.

Creating pots (admins only)

As an administrator, you have the permissions to create credit pots by navigating to the Credits page on the left hand navigation bar and selecting Create Credit Pot. In the pop-up you’ll be able to give the pot a name and description, and transfer an initial balance from any other pot.

Once the pot is created you'll be prompted to add members to this pot. Anyone you add will be able to purchase surveys using the credits in this pot. All admins are members of all pots by default.

You can amend the name, description and members of credit pots at any point by selecting the drop down menu in the top right of the pot you wish to edit, and selecting Edit Details or Manage People. In this drop down menu you'll also find the option to Delete any pot, other than the main pot, which can't be deleted. If you delete a credit pot which has funds within it, those credits will move back to the default pot and won't be lost. The action of deleting a pot can't be undone, but the record of transactions is still visible.

Any surveys purchased with credits from a pot which is later deleted will still be available to you in the All Surveys area.

Adding funds (admin only)

When credits are added to your Attest account (either by topping-up or when your subscription renews), they will be assigned to your main pot. You can then distribute them to existing pots by selecting the drop down menu in the top right of the main pot (even if you have amended the name and description of this pot you can identify the main pot as there is a "Default" label attached) and selecting Transfer Credits.

Select to transfer credits from the main pot (or any other pot), and select the destination pot using the drop down boxes. Then enter the number of credits to be transferred and hit Transfer Now to complete the move.

Purchasing a survey from a pot (all users)

You’ll next see pots at the checkout stage of the survey editor. Once your draft survey is written and the audience selected, hit Confirm & Pay to be taken to the checkout. Here you can select to pay with credits, and choose a pot to pay with from the drop down list. You can purchase surveys using any pot you are a member of, or from any pot if you are an admin user.

You will also need to choose which pot to use when you increase the sample size on any open or closed survey.

Bear in mind that using routing or display logic can affect how many overall responses you get. Find out more about display logic and responses.

Checking transactions in pots (all users)

Back in the Credits page you can see the pot for each transaction (surveys purchased and samples increased) listed in the activity table, which you can also filter by each pot. Subscription renewals, top-ups and refunds are sent to the default pot as standard, for you to divide between your pots as you wish.

If you have any questions about how the credit pots feature will work best for your organisation, or wish to provide feedback on the feature, please don't hesitate to get in touch with your Attest Account Manager or using the in-platform live chat.

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