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[Beta] Comparing and exporting results from multiple surveys
[Beta] Comparing and exporting results from multiple surveys
Merge surveys together to compare the results of two or more surveys
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Beta means that it's actively being worked on by our product team, and will be updated with new functionality often. Your feedback will help us identify if we are moving in the right direction with this feature. Please do provide feedback via the in-platform poll or live chat, this will help us build a feature that works best for you.

Using this feature you can merge any surveys you like into a single comparison dashboard in order to compare the results side-by-side.

Merge surveys

To merge two or more surveys together, click the checkboxes in the surveys to include, in the survey listings page.

In the bar that appears at the bottom of the page, select Compare. All the questions from every survey selected will be pulled into a new, merged comparison dashboard, so to avoid overpopulating this page we recommend you select two to four surveys to compare at one time.

You will note that some surveys are not available to merge; if they have multiple markets or if they're a Tracker survey.

Compare results

When you merge surveys, the results of each survey will be visible in a single comparison dashboard. Each survey is represented by a different colour, visible in the key at the top of the page. All question 1s are grouped together, followed by all question 2s, and so on.

You can use demographic and answer filters just as you would in any results dashboard, which can help you see how your key segments respondents to all the chosen surveys, in one view.

Create visualisations to find insights

In this view you can also create charts which help visualise comparisons between the surveys. Click the Compare results icon at the top of the first question you want to include, and then select the other questions you'd like to compare it to from the list that appears. You can currently create visualisations for single choice, multiple choice and NPS questions. A graph is created in a new row, which displays all the questions you chose to compare.

Selecting demographic filters will update the contents of the graph, so you can dig into the visualisation to find further insights.

You can click the Export graph icon to download a .png file of the graph you've generated.

The comparison view won't currently be saved to your dashboard, so be sure to bookmark the page if you want to return to it in the future.

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