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How to interpret results when you use forward answers
How to interpret results when you use forward answers
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When you use forward answers (masking) the answers (or subjects if you use a grid question) will be forwarded from the selected, preceding question. This means that the respondents will only see the answers or subjects that they have selected at the previous question. This ensures that respondents can only see and therefore pick answers that are relevant to them, supporting engagement and quality of the answers given.

Interpretation of the results

When you look at the results dashboard with forward answers, you will see the following:

a) a double arrow icon letting you know you are looking at a question which used forward answers

b) the number of people who selected that option

c) the % figure, based on everyone who completed that overall question (total base)

Looking at the percentage by the total base can give you a market-wide understanding of how widely endorsed that attribute/brand/activity etc. is. It is a more typical way of comparing brands at an overall market level either via attributes or supporting analysis of conversion rates through the brand funnel compared to other brands.

Calculating the % based on the forwarded sample

Some customers want to look at the results of grid questions only amongst those who were presented with that subject from the forward answers question. You can currently do this in either of the following ways:

  1. Opening the Options menu and choosing the option to calculate % based on forwarded sample for that specific question. This will update all percentages within that question (but not the rest of your dashboard)

  2. Use filtering on the dashboard. If you just want to analyse a single answer, you can click on this answer in the question you forwarded the answer from. This will update the % for that answer in the question where you use the forwarded answer. Note: You will be able to see which other apps Facebook users have also selected.

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