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Introducing changes to question cards
Introducing changes to question cards

Understand the design changes we've recently made to question cards in List View

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We have updated the question cards within survey drafting, to help you work more efficiently!

We've tidied up the layout and design of our question cards in List View, to make all question and answer features easier to find and use.

You'll see we have been adding new functionality to questions over time. Some of the changes include: adding a custom quota to your qualifying answers, bulk uploading answers, drag and drop answers, and many more!

In order to keep the experience easy-to-use, we've re-organised features within a question card. You'll now find similar functionality grouped and organised in line with their what they're intended to do!

Below are some of the specific changes included:

  • Randomisation, image answers and answer limits have moved to Answer settings so you can find all the options in one place.

  • "None", "Other" and "N/A" answer options have moved into a menu nearer to the answer options so you can access all the ways of adding answers in one place.

  • Qualifying and Quotas have moved into their own menu option, Qualify respondents, to make it easier to configure qualifying and quotas for questions all in one place

  • Routing has also moved into its own menu, Route answers. It allows you to more clearly see how the questions routes are set up and more easily make changes

We hope this change helps improve your experience drafting surveys! If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our Client Experience team.

Answer settings

None, N/A, Other

Add a qualifying answer, quota, or add/change routes - bottom of card

Select Qualify respondents" to set qualifying answers and quotas

Select "Route answers" to apply routing to your question

For any further help, you can get in touch with our Client Experience team.

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