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Using bold and italics in survey questions and messages
Using bold and italics in survey questions and messages

How to make your survey content stand out by using bold and italic styling within questions and text cards

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It is important to ensure questions and messages are very clear to survey respondents. In order to ensure your content is clear, you can now add bold and/or italicised text within your survey.

Add the styles using keyboard shortcuts!

Just select the text you wish to style, hit the following keyboard shortcut, and we'll apply the correct styling syntax for you!

  • CMD+B or Ctrl+B applies bold

  • CMD+I or Ctrl_I applies italic

When using these shortcuts, you'll see characters appear in your text field (this is markdown syntax).

Currently, you won't see the styling applied within questions within the drafting experience - you'll just see the applied syntax. But you can click to 'Preview' your survey and see how the styling will show to your survey respondents there!

Understanding markdown

We use markdown syntax to apply bold, italic, or both to your questions and text cards.

  • Two asterisks before and after the text applies a bold style

  • One underscore before and after the text applies an italic style

  • Applying both two asterisks and one underscore will apply both bold and italic

If using shortcuts isn't for you, you can add these characters to questions and text cards yourself. Double check your styling appears correctly by using the Preview screen.

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