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Add questions in bulk with paste survey content
Add questions in bulk with paste survey content

Add questions you've drafted in another tool into your survey by using the paste survey content feature

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If you've created a draft version of your survey in another tool (like Word, Google Docs or a spreadsheet), you can now easily add your questions in bulk to Attest using the 'paste survey content' feature.

How to use paste survey content

When creating a survey, choose 'paste survey content'. Or when opening a new survey draft, find the 'paste survey content' action in the empty survey start screen, or the right hand corner menu.

From the menu, you'll be able to paste new questions into your survey at any stage of your drafting process.

When choosing to paste survey content, you'll see a window appear. Simply copy content from the doc or spreadsheet you're working from, and paste it into the field. Add each question and answer choice on its own line. Each question should be separated with a line break - to do this, enter on your keyboard twice to separate each question.

On the left, you'll find a preview of the questions so you can check how the questions will be added to your survey draft. You can easily make edits to the questions.

To add the questions, simply select Add questions when you're ready and your question content will now appear as cards in your survey draft.

Remember to apply the relevant settings to your questions and answers afterwards! For example, check the question type is correct, turn off answer randomisation if you're using a scale, apply logic etc.

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