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Save questions to your team's library
Save questions to your team's library

Add questions and messages to your team's question library to easily re-use later

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Many surveys you create may require similar messages, questions or answer options. If you're using Attest frequently, you may want to re-use questions across various studies, so we've introduced a saved question library to make it easier to save and recall content into any survey draft.

What is the saved question library?

The library is a destination to save any messages or questions, in order to insert them in any survey draft in an instant.

The library is a team library, accessible to anybody in your organisation. This means you can re-use questions your team members used, for consistency in your studies, or just when you need a bit of support or inspiration.

How to save a question or message

Simply click on the three dotted icon on any question or message card from within the drafting screen.

Here, you''ll find the option to Save to library. Clicking this will add this question to your team library.

If you make any updates to the card you're working on in your survey draft, these changes will not be reflected in your saved question. When clicking to save, a snapshot of that question at that moment will be added to the library.

Saved questions will have all question title (or message text), all answer options, media and the following applied settings saved - qualifying answers, answer randomisation, answer pinning.

Saved questions will not have any routing or display logic functionality saved, as these settings apply to more than one question or message.

When to save a question

There are many benefits to saving questions.

  • If you're working within a larger team, you may want to add common questions to the library for your team to use in their projects.

  • If you repeat qualifying questions across your different studies in order to target your relevant audience, you may want to save these to easily insert into all your studies.

  • If you are commonly using the same competitor brand list, or product list, you may want to save a question to easily insert these answer options again.

How to add a saved question to your survey

  • Within a survey draft, you'll find the Library next to where you typically add a question or message

  • Simply open the library and you'll see a list of all saved questions, from all the colleagues in your team

  • Browse the list or search for the relevant question and simply click to add

  • The question will be inserted as a card at the end of your survey draft.

How to delete a question from the library

You can easily delete a question from the library by hovering over it and clicking the bin icon. Note that the questions in the library are shared by all team members in your organisation and therefore be sure you want to remove this question for everyone in your organisation.

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