Restricted surveys
Written by Rotimi Ibironke
Updated over a week ago

Do you have a survey that should only be visible to a limited number of people in your organisation? You can now restrict access to your surveys, along with their visibility in the dashboard.

To restrict a survey, click Share

and select Only people I invite.

Now, you can invite the people from your organisation who you want to be able to view both the survey questions and the survey results.

A few extra points:

  • People you add will also be able to add comments to the survey draft, but only you as the owner will be able to edit it.

  • When you add someone, they will receive an email notifying them that they have access to view your survey.

  • As the owner of the survey, you can always add and remove users. People you remove will no longer be able to access the survey or see it on their survey listings page.

  • Only the survey owner can control who can see the survey.

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