Delete a survey from your dashboard

Clear up unwanted surveys by deleting them from your dashboard

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You can tidy up your dashboard by deleting unwanted surveys, e.g. surveys sent for testing purposes or surveys you no longer need.

You can delete a draft, open or closed survey from your survey dashboard in a few simple steps.

Delete a survey

  • Choose the survey you wish to delete

  • Click on the three dots on the survey card

  • Select Delete

  • If the survey is Open, you'll be asked to confirm you're happy to close the survey first

  • The survey will now appear in your Deleted Surveys

Find deleted surveys

You'll find all deleted surveys by navigating to your Deleted page. Simply select the dropdown in the top left of your dashboard to locate your Deleted page.

Restore a deleted survey

If you've accidentally deleted a survey you wish to restore, go to your deleted survey and use the 'restore' arrow.

You'll now find the survey back in your main surveys page.

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