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Screen + control panel ES One 10
Screen + control panel ES One 10

Screen and Control panel

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You start the scooter by pressing the lower button on the throttle on the right side of the handlebars.

You can see the battery charge level from the beams in the lower part of the LED screen. Five beams correspond to a full battery.

You can select a desired max. speed with the function key. You can choose between three different driving modes: When a red D is lit, the e-scooter runs max. 25km / h / 20km / h. Normally D, it goes a maximum of 15km / h, and when D is not visible, it goes a maximum of 10km / h.

You turn on the back and front lights by double-clicking the function key (the one with 3 dashes). To turn them off, double-click the function key again.

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