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ES One 10 / ES 210
User manual for ES One 10
User manual for ES One 10

General instructions in English for ES One 10 E-Scooter

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Get started with ES One 10

The package includes Augment ES One 10 electric kick board, charger, power cord, control handle and an Allen key.

Lift the front tube by turning the safety lock ring clockwise and open the lever to the full position. Then lift the front tube all the way up until it comes, fold up the locking lever, and turn the safety lock counterclockwise over the handle to prevent the handle from opening.

Attach the brake lever to the left side of the handlebars. Turn the handlebars, R to the right and L to the left. Note that they must be tightened in different directions. Finally, secure the brake lever with an Allen key in the position that feels comfortable.

Charge the battery by connecting the charger to the battery and the wall socket. The charger light is red as long as it is charging and green when ready. We recommend fully charging the battery for the first time.

Check that the tires have enough air. The valve is the same as on car tires. You can fill the tires at gas stations if you do not have your own pump. The pressure in the tires must be between 2.0 and 2.5 bar.

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