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ES One 10 / ES 210
Rear tyre + tube ES One 10 / 210
Rear tyre + tube ES One 10 / 210

Instructions on how to change the tube and remove your rear tyre.

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  • Remove the plastic cover of the back fork on both sides of the fork (2 pieces, 1 per side) by peeling off the sticker so that the screws can be loosened.

  • Loosen the caliper mounting screws

  • Loosen the brake caliper

  • Loosen the back rim splash guard screws and mounting screws (Screws under the reflective sticker)

  • Loosen the back rim mounting screws

  • Remove the tyre

Below is information on how to replace the inner tube.

  • Remove the tyre from the rim using a tyre remover used for bicycles

  • Remove the broken inner tube

  • Check that there is no dirt under the outer tyre

  • Put the new tube in the correct place

  • Lift the tyre into place - you can use tyre removers to help

  • Fill the tyre properly with air

Below is information on how to replace the tyre.

  • Fit the back rim in the right place

  • Center the disc brake so that it is a little free on both sides between the brake disc and the brake pads when you do not press the brake - you can use e.g. a piece of cardboard or a mobile phone flashlight to help

  • Tighten the caliper mounting screws

  • Screw in the back fender mounting screws

  • Attach the back fork's plastic cover

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