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ES One 10 / ES 210
Unboxing and preparing ES One 10 / ES 210
Unboxing and preparing ES One 10 / ES 210

Prepare the ES One 10

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The package includes Augment ES One 10/ES 210 e-scooter, charger, power cord, control handle and an Allen key.

Lift the front tube by turning the safety lock ring clockwise and open the lever to the full position. Then lift the front tube all the way up until it comes, fold up the locking arm, and turn the safety lock counterclockwise over the handle to prevent the handle from opening.

Attach the brake lever to the left handlebar. Screw the control arms in place R to the right and L to the left. Note that the threads are in a different direction than usual. Finally, tighten the brake lever to the desired operating position with the Allen key.

To charge the battery, connect the charger to the socket on the bottom of the battery and the charger power cord to an electrical outlet. The charger light is red during charging, and when the battery is fully charged, the charger light is green. As a new feature, we recommend that the battery be fully charged.

Make sure there is enough air in the tires. You can do it at the nearest gas station. The correct pressure is 2.0 - 2.5 bar.

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