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What happens if my e-Scooter gets stolen or lost?
What happens if my e-Scooter gets stolen or lost?

What to do if the scooter is lost or stolen.

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The scooter is in your responsibility.

If the scooter is lost or stolen, you must reimburse Augment for the value of the scooter. The value is always looked at depending on the case, such as if the battery is stolen or not.

If the scooter is stolen immediately contact the police and report the theft. Then contact your insurance company to file an insurance claim. Remember to mention that what you have is a leasing contract and that you do not own the scooter. Our warranty does not cover theft but it is more than likely covered by your home insurance.

When you get the insurance claim, please send this along with the police report to Augment customer service.

Scooter theft is always possible but the risk can be minimized by doing the following:

If possible, always store the scooter indoors. If the scooter is stored outside make sure it is always locked with a high quality bike lock and attached to a bike rack for example. Always remove the battery when leaving your scooter unattended.

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