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Front tyre + inner tube
Front tyre + inner tube

How to change the front tire and tube

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Replacement of front tires

Tools: a pointy tool (e.g. small screwdriver), wrench, hexagon size 3

Use the pointy tool and remove the rubber plug, then carefully fold the reflective sticker. Then loosen the plastic screws, 2 pcs.

Carefully pull out the power cord a few cm approx.

Use the wrench and loosen the front wheel nuts. NOTE! Hold the wheel at all times so that it does not fall as this can split the cable.

Swivel the wheel and attach it to the outside of the fork, this will make it easier to serve.

Loosen the valve cap. If the tire is not empty, release the air by pushing the stud inside the valve with the hexagon wrench size 3.

Hold the valve against yourself and start removing the outer tire either to the right or left about ¼ turns from the valve. Then continue along the rim until the half of the tire is off the rim.

Push the valve through the rim and pull the inner tube out of the outer tire.

Remove the outer tire completely.

Apply the new outer tire by stretching it over the rim.

Insert the valve of the new inner tube through the valve hole in the rim. Place it so that the direction of the valve is away from the brake disc.

Push the inner tube into the tire. Beware of sharp objects.

Stretch the other half of the outer tire on the rim. Start opposite the valve.

Fill the tire with air.

Hold the wheel and open the nut. Put the wheel back in place and tighten the nuts.

Push the cable back in.

Put the plastic back in place, fasten the screws and the plug.

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