Battery charge drops fast

Why do the battery bars drop fast?

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On your scooters display there are bars indicating how much battery you have left. 5 bars is the maximum and zero/flashing one is the minimum. It is important to note that the bars are simply an estimate and do not decrease evenly.

For example, if the bars drop relatively quickly from 5 to 3, it is often not a cause for concern. Through our testing we've found that the two first bars drop faster and the 3rd and lower bars stay on much longer.

To measure the actual capacity of the battery, first charge the battery to 100% overnight. After that measure how many kilometers you can ride until the battery is completely empty and no bars are left. Make sure the pressure in the tires is at 2.0 - 2.5 bar since this also affects the range. Also, remember that the battery empties faster in cold weather.

If the range has worsened significantly and the battery is not performing as expected after testing, please contact Augment customer service.

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