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What is the best way to lock my e-scooter?
What is the best way to lock my e-scooter?

How do you lock your e-scooter the safest way possible?

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Nothing is more annoying than people stealing your stuff. So, how do you best avoid theft of your e-scooter?

The best thing to do is to have your e-scooter indoors where ever you go. In your home, workplace, or the store, but that is not always a possibility. Sometimes you are forced to leave your e-scooter outdoors for a longer time unguarded. There are some things that you can do to prevent theft or vandalism.

Firstly, make sure to lock the e-scooter through the app. That stops anyone from using the e-scooters throttle. Therefore, the e-scooter is unusable and thieves are less likely to benefit from stealing it.

Secondly, remove the battery. Without the battery, the e-scooter becomes a normal, unconventional and heavy scooter. Also, if the thief still manages to get away with it, you save a hefty sum because the battery is quite expensive.

On top of these measures, the best thing is to secure your scooter onto something with a lock. Any bike lock that can be secured to a post and also fits through the rear tyre is good. We sell a combination lock that can fit on the frame of our scooter. Another good solution is an u-lock for bikes that can be bought almost anywhere.

Our combination lock trough the fork of the scooters rear tyre secured to a bike stand.

Our combination lock through the fork of the scooters rear tyre, secured to a bike stand.

When the scooter is locked through the app, has its battery removed, and secured to something solid, you should be fine. If you have done all this and the scooter is still stolen, you should contact Augment's customer service, the police, and your insurance company to make sure everything from then on goes right.

If you have any further questions about locking your scooter, please contact Augment's customer service through the chat.

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