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When do we change worn down parts for new ones?
When do we change worn down parts for new ones?

When is it time to change certain worn down parts?

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We'll change worn down parts to new ones when they've met their usage requirements or when it's not safe to use them any more. Most parts usage is determined through how far (km) one has driven on a scooter.

The battery

We'll change the battery for the scooter that you use during the contract period for another battery if the load has dropped under 70 % from the normal capacity. Make sure you charge the battery as required to maximize the battery's service life.

The tires

We'll replace the tires with new ones when the fibres within the tire are visible. Normally the tires will last 2000-3000km.

If you are using air filled tires, you need to make sure that they are filled up as required (2.5-3.0 bar). If the tires do not hold air, we'll send you a new inner tube. Make sure that you remove any debris from the tires, such as glass or gravel, after each use.

Disc brakes

If you have disc brakes on your scooter, we'll swap the brake pads out when the thickness is under 1.3mm – 0.5mm. In normal usage, the brake pads will hold up to 2000-3000km.

We'll swap the disc when it is worn down under 1.5 mm. The disc will hold up to 5000-10000km in normal use.

Make sure that the brakes are always clean from dust and dirt to ensure that the brake pads don't damage the disc too much. The most easy way to clean the disc brake is with compressed air or a dry wipe. Remember that oils and fats may ruin the disc brake.

The rubber deck mat and handles.

We'll swap out the deck mat when it's worn through. It will hold up to 5000-10000km in normal usage.

We'll swap out the rubber on the handles if they have worn down significantly and they spin around in use. Normally they will hold up to 5000-10000km of usage.

Rear lights

If more than 2 LEDs of the rear lights have stopped working, we'll replace them.


If the motors' performance drops 20 % or more, the motor will be replaced with a new one. Normally, the motors will hold for tens of thousands of kilometers. Remember that the sounds that the motor makes can change depending on stain and usage. If you suspect that the motor needs to be swapped, contact customer service, and we'll determine in on a case to case basis.

Contact customer service in any of these issues or other issues regarding worn down parts.

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