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What to do with the e-scooter during winter?
What to do with the e-scooter during winter?

Can you use the scooter during the winter?

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You may use the scooter normally during the winter. Remember that it might be more slippery and more difficult to drive, but the scooter will work just fine. A good thing to remember is that if you would or could ride a bicycle, you can drive with an e-scooter.

Remember that the battery's charge will empty much quicker during the winter months due to the temperature, so no need to worry that the battery is broken.

Unfortunately, there aren't any winter tyres for the scooter, as it would be too expensive to create such small custom tyres.

If you however decide to not use the scooter during the winter, remember to keep the battery at room temperature and charge it at least once a month or every second week. If the battery is left unused for several months, its charge will suffer. You can help the “sleepy” battery by charging and driving the scooter for short trips often. Then the battery will get new life.

For any questions regarding winter and batteries, contact the customer service.

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