When setting up your IdP's connection to Aurelius as a SP (Service Provider) you will need to provide it with information about our system. This includes the URLs used for SLO (Single Log On), our metadata, and what kind of bindings to use. Here is a list of information you can use when setting up our application to work with your IdP:

ACS URL: https://api.aureliuslab.com/v1/saml/assert

Entity ID: https://api.aureliuslab.com/v1/saml/metadata.xml

SLO Endpoint: https://api.aureliuslab.com/v1/saml/login

SLO Response Endpoint: https://api.aureliuslab.com/v1/saml/assert


Note: You must have email as an Application Attribute, and this email address must match that which you use within Aurelius.

Next, you'll need to provide information to Aurelius about your IdP. Some of the information you will need will be the Login URL, the Logout URL, and any Certificates your system uses to identify SAML requests. 

You must provide this information in the Company page within Aurelius found by clicking on your company name in the top left (note: this page is only accessible by company admins).  Scroll down to the section titled "Mange SSO" and paste in the required information. Here is an example of a completed SSO configuration:

Note, this is example data. You will need to retrieve this information from your own IdP.

Once you've pressed save, you are properly configured to use SSO with Aurelius.  In order to sign in using SSO from the Aurelius Application home page, click the link "Sign In With SSO"

Simply enter the associated email address that you have mapped in the Application Attributes within your IdP and click "Submit". You will be redirected to your SSO provider and then redirected back to Aurelius. 

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