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Creating and using Recommendations in Aurelius

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Recommendations in Aurelius let you capture action items, suggestions or next steps on your project. You can create Recommendations and link supporting Key Insights to them.

What is a Recommendation?

Create Recommendations to share next steps, action items, suggestions or outcomes to the research on your project.

Some examples of Recommendations might be:

  • New Features - "We should create a new feature that helps people share articles"

  • Usability Improvements - "We should change the sign in button color to make it clearer"

A Recommendation has 5 parts:

  • Name/Title: the Recommendation itself, e.g. "The mobile sign up form was too confusing"

  • Description: more details about the Recommendation

  • Supporting Key Insights: any Key Insights from your project that support this Recommendation

  • Tags: any way of describing or organizing what kind of Recommendation it is; you can find all your Recommendations by tags later

  • Status: Not Started, In Progress, Complete

  • Type: Design, Feature, Project... you can filter by these in other areas

Creating a Recommendation

You can create Recommendations several ways within you projects:

​Here's how to create a Key Insight in from the Key Insights page on your project:
​Go to a Project > Recommendations > + New Recommendation

Any Recommendations created on your project automatically get added to the Report.

Here's how to create a Recommendation from a Report in your project:
​Go to a Project > Report > Edit > Add New Recommendation

Any Recommendations created from the Report will also get created on your project!

Project Recommendations vs. All Recommendations

Any Recommendation created from your projects are automatically available from the All Recommendations page as well.

Your project Recommendations page will show you only Recommendations for that selected project. The All Recommendations page will show you Recommendations created all projects.

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