Quickly turn any audio or video file into notes on your Aurelius project

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What is a Transcription?

Transcriptions allow you to upload any audio or video file and turn it into text and notes data on your Aurelius project so you can quickly analyze and make sense of research recordings.

Aurelius can transcribe any file with audio in over 180 different languages and dialects!

How to use Transcriptions

There are a few ways you can transcribe audio and video files on your Aurelius project.

From the Notes page

Click Add Video or Add Audio

Select your file to upload > Give it a title > Select "Transcribe Audio" > Click Create Document

Choose which Note Group to send the transcript once it's finished (here you can also select different languages to increase accuracy)

The file is added to your Note Group and the transcription will show as "in progress"

Once the transcription finishes, the status will show as "complete" and you'll see your transcript as notes on your project!

You'll also be notified by email once the transcription is complete so you don't have to wait

From the Documents page

The process for creating transcriptions on the Documents page is the same as from the Notes page steps from above, except you would add/create your file from the Documents page first.

Transcribing files that are already uploaded or re-transcribing files

On your Document, click the kebab menu (the three little vertical "...") > Click "Transcribe"

Speaker and Timestamp metadata

Aurelius automatically adds timestamps for each note created with the transcript

You can also assign speakers to notes by adding custom names.

Here's how:

Click "+ Add Speaker" > Click "+ new speaker"

Give your new speaker a name > Click "Save"

Your new speaker name is now assigned to that note

You can now assign that speaker to any notes by clicking on "+ Add Speaker" and selecting that name or creating a new one

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