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Upload a PDF, Word file, Excel file or .txt with selectable text and create notes automatically

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Magic Upload lets you quickly add research notes to your project from within a document that has any selectable text. Supported formats are PDF, Word, Excel and .txt.

How to use Magic Upload

From inside your project and either the documents tab or a note group you can add a supported file and quickly turn it into notes.

From within a note group

Click "Add File" > Upload a PDF/Word/Excel/.txt file > Give it a name or title > Select "Yes" for Magic Upload > Choose which note group to send the notes

Once the upload is complete, you'll see the file added and Magic Upload "in progress" and then "complete"

Once it's complete, your notes will be added to your note group... like magic!

We'll also send you an email once it's finished so you don't have to wait.

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