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Tags Overview

Getting started with the power of Tags in Aurelius

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Tags are one of the most powerful features in Aurelius.

What is a Tag?

A Tag is any label or descriptive name you want to give to a single note or key insight in Aurelius. You can use tags to describe and find any of your research data and customer feedback with a click of a button.ย 

Here's a few examples of tags you might use:

  • customer names

  • interviewee/research participant names

  • themes ("sign up" or "setup")

  • research questions or goals ("

  • pain points ("usability flaw" or "error")

  • channels or products ("mobile" or "desktop")ย 

Creating Tags

You can create tags by themselves, in real-time on notes while you're adding them, or on a Key Insight.

Creating Tags on Notes in real-time:

โ€‹Add Tags in Bulk to Selected Notes:

Adding Tags on a Key Insight:

Project Tags vs. All Tags

Your Project Tags page will show you only the tags you are using on that given project. You can select those tags to show you the notes that match each tag, for that project only.

All tags will show you every single note and insight that has been tagged across every project in Aurelius.

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