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How to manage tags?

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Tags are a great way to add labels to organize and manage your contacts. The Tags tab in your Autoklose account lets you manage your tags, create, edit or delete tags, view how many contacts are assigned to each tag, etc.  

Navigate your way to the Tag tab and read on to learn about the options available on this page.

Here you can:

  1. See all created tags - When you view your tags on the Tags page they are sorted in alphabetical order... 

  2. See the number of contacts that each created tag is applied to

  3. See which one of your team members is the owner of each tag

  4. Edit tags - You can change the name and color of each tag and the change will be applied to all the contacts that a specific tag is assigned to

  5. Delete a tag - From this page the process of Tag deletion is permanent, so we’ll ask you to confirm that you want to delete your tag in a pop-up screen. Deleting a tag will not delete any of your contacts, but it will delete that tag from all contacts it’s applied to.

Please note that the Manager of the team can see, edit and delete all created tags within the Team, while Team members can only see, edit and delete their own tags. Tags created by the manager will be available for preview only in the contact section

This is different from the Contacts tab view - The Manager of the team and Team members can see all tags that are applied to each contact but can only remove their own tags from a contact.

The Export in .CSV file option will download a CSV file of the contacts with all assigned tags to each contact.

If you upload your contacts via a .CSV file, you can bulk-add them the tags that you have already created. In case you realize that you made a mistake and forgot to add a particular tag, you can upload the same .CSV file again, add new tags, and the system will sync them with the already existing ones.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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