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Multiple Email Connections

How to purchase, assign and manage additional email account slots

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This feature allows to reduce the workload of email connection and split sending between multiple email accounts.
New and existing users by default have 2 email connections available. More can be purchased and assigned via the My Team page.
Users that purchased Autoklose access via Appsumo will be limited to one email connection as per the promotion agreement.
The maximum sending limit is 500 emails per day per email connection. With 2 connections it will be possible to send up to 1000 emails per day.

Check and assign currently purchased account slots.
Team managers can always check how many slots are available to the team members. To do so, log in to Autoklose and navigate to the My Team page. Here you will be able to see how many slots are assigned to every team member and what their default sending address is.

Add Email Connection - In case you wish to add more email connections, just click on the menu on the right side of the member's row, and choose "Add Email Connection."

This action will trigger a pop-up where you can buy new and assign existing connections to that team member. The assigned number will show up in Total and Member statistics.

Under Email Connections, the number on the right is showing the number of available slots per account and team, while the one on the left shows how many are connected. 1/2, for example, means that there are 2 available connections, but only 1 is used at the moment.

Remove Email Connection - this button will show all available connections and empty slots that can be removed. By removing an Email Connection you might also be canceling the monthly Email Connection Subscription (in case there are more than two Email Connections in this list). Once the connection is removed, the email account will be disconnected and unable to send any more emails. Also, reply recognition will not be possible. It is recommended to remove an Email Connection only when close to subscription renewal for that slot or when all campaigns where this connection is used are finished to prevent any time and data loss.

When more Email connections are available, navigate to Email settings to connect new email accounts. Email addresses are connected the same way as before, using Google, Microsoft, or Another provider option.
When the Email account is connected, more options can be accessed via the "Manage" button. All accounts can have a different signature, sending limit, and sender name (name from Account settings will be used by default).
The default email account will always be the one first connected. A Default connection or account can be changed using the "Make Default" button.

A Default email address will always be set as sending one for all newly created campaigns.
Every campaign can be manually set to send from a different account using the "From Email" option in Step 1 when creating the campaign. A campaign can use only one email account for sending.

In addition to this, "Compose Email" in Inbox has the option to choose the account from which to send a message. Click anywhere on the "From" field to view the dropdown menu and select desired sending account.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to initiate a live chat.

Your team!

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