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Frequently asked questions

Create different sending schedules
Email editor - new features and improvements
Square Brackets
Why do images in my emails sometimes show up in-line, and sometimes as attachments?
How to Delete Template?
Saved Emails
Decision Tree
Autoklose Inbox page
Private Inbox
Sent Emails
CC and BCC in Autoklose
Blocked email account
Test email not delivered?
Campaign statistics explained
Not Interested vs. Unsubscribed reply type
What is the difference between Unique and Total?
Sending quota exceeded
A recipient replied but Autoklose didn't recognize the reply
When I upload a .CSV file to Autoklose I get an error message.
If I want to send a campaign to those who did not open, how would I do that?
What do the "Points" in the recipients/contacts page stand for?
Why can’t you select more than 10000 leads from the Database and add them to your campaign?
What should the CSV format be?
How to create a drip campaign?
What happens if the same contact is in multiple campaigns and they unsubscribe from one of them?
How to export a CSV file?
How to exclude already existing recipients from a new campaign?
How does Autoklose treat email addresses/contacts uploaded by clients?
Is there a sending limit?
How does Autoklose handle bounced emails?
Can I see detailed contacts' actions in my campaign?
Can I re-add removed contacts to campaign?
Are the links in the signature section tracked?
Managing multiple Microsoft 365 emails from a single Autoklose account
Forgot Password
Lost connection with the email account. Email account connection issue.
Set up 2-step verification for Office 365 accounts
Set up 2-step verification for Google accounts
Email Preview
How to add the Unsubscribe option to your email or signature