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Component: Cleanup Background
Component: Cleanup Background

Remove shoe prints, tape, dirt, scuffs, and small objects from your studio photo backdrop

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The Cleanup Background component allows you to create a pleasing studio image by removing smudges (dust bunnies, footprints, tiny objects) from the floor while maintaining the original lighting and shadows of the studio environment.


What kind of images does the cleanup algorithm work best on?

For the best results we recommend using studio images showing models. The algorithm can also work with objects, but may not achieve the same quality as with model images.

What kind of backgrounds can be cleaned up by the algorithm?

The current version of the component works best on evenly coloured studio backgrounds in different colours, preferable white/grey. It also works on backgrounds with solid-coloured floors and walls. Unexpected results may occur with textured backgrounds such as wooden floors or patterned carpets, and with images taken outside a studio.

How do I get rid of visible studio equipment?

To remove visible studio equipment at the edges of your image you can use our cropping component before cleaning up the background.

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