Internet connection

You'll need an Internet connection (wifi or mobile data) to run Ava.

Bandwidth requirements
Average load > 10-15kb/second
Max peak load > 35-45kb/second

Smart Devices, mobile phone system requirements

You'll need a smartphone or a tablet with either:

  • Android (Phone/Tablet), version 4.4.4 - KitKat bean and above
  • iPhone/iPad - iOS version 11.0 and above (for Offline Mode, iOS 13+ is required)

Phone Number, Email, Google, Facebook, Apple login.

In order to create your Ava account, you'll need either of the following:

  • Mobile phone number (at least for the one-time use to get a verification code). If you don't have any, please look into service that can help you log in. 
  • Email account (non-Gmail)
  • Gmail account
  • Facebook account
  • Apple Account

Web Browser

Ava Web is supported on Google Chrome and Apple Safari. It's likely that the Ava Web app will work on other web browsers. However, if you find that it is not working properly on another browser, download Google Chrome or open Apple Safari (Mac users).

If you are still having issues, contact our support team at

Note: Ava Web is exclusively available for Ava for Organization plan subscribers. For a free trial to one of our Ava for Organizations plans, click below:

Bluetooth Microphone & Keyboard

Please read our article on Bluetooth devices to help Ava "hear" people further away and answer faster by typing using a keyboard.

Audio Adapter Cable

Please read our article on how to caption any digital audio (including calls, podcasts, TV, etc.)

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